Press Release

Changzhou Zhongjin Medical Group Visits “Nanchang Hope House”

Release time: 2021-07-19

On March 13, 2019, Mr. Wang Erqi, Chairman of Changzhou Zhongjin Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. and his delegation came to "Nanchang Hope Home" for exchange and study. They were warmly received by Mr. Wang Leqiu, Vice Chairman of Nanchang Disabled Persons' Federation, Chairman of Nanchang Disabled Persons' Association and "Parents" of "Nanchang Hope Home". Under the guidance of Chairman Wang Leqiu, Chairman Wang Erqi visited "Nanchang Hope House". The striking words in the front hall made everyone stop: "Even if the wings are broken, the heart must fly" Zhang Haidi's words have inspired many Friends of the Disabled. She once said in her book, "If the fate is destined for me to bear, let all the sufferings come together. Maybe my life will be crushed into powder, but my unyielding soul is still flying proudly".The fellowship forum of Changzhou Zhongjin Medical Group and Nanchang Hope Home was held on the fifth floor of "Nanchang Hope Home". President Wang Erqi and his party gathered together with FOD members to express their views and had a very pleasant conversation." I have seen in European and American countries that although disabled people are in wheelchairs, their spirits are very uplifted. One of the main reasons is that a safe and comfortable wheelchair gives them confidence." He continued, "An unsuitable wheelchair will not only facilitate their lives, but also cause degradation and loss of the remaining functions, or even secondary injury. Disabled people are responsible for their life and health when they choose a suitable wheelchair." I am determined to make an industry that makes people feel happy, and I will do my best to bring more happiness to Chinese consumers."